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  • Depart U.S. for Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport.
  • Meet & greet with guide and driver at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport.
  • Guide and driver will accompany you for the duration of your stay.
  • Driving City Tour of Havana in a Classic American car, probably a 1949-1957 Chevrolet, with original engine, includs a drive along the famous Havana malecon seawall, Vedado neighborhood, 5th Avenue in the suburb of Miramar, and stops at the Plaza of the Revolution, and Almendares Park. (2-3 hours)
  • Transfer to B&B.
  • Welcome dinner at private restaurant.
  • Live music at El Gato Tuerto.


  • Breakfast at B&B.
  • 9:00am City Encounter of Old Havana, a walking tour through Old Havana and its five main plazas, with stops at the residence of the colonial era Captain General of the island, the Havana Cathedral, Obispo Street, the Capitol building, and more. Most of our guests in Cuba start their cultural exchanges with a walking tour of Old Havana.  This event is directed by one of our professional English speaking guides, and gives you a taste of the island in a very interesting tour, that feels as if you have gone back in time.  Old Havana has buildings and streets that are some of the oldest in the Americas, with some buildings dating to the 17th  Though the buildings are hundreds of years old, they are still used to house a significant number of Havana’s inhabitants.  Old Havana features the first church built on the island, a street paved with wooden bricks, palatial residences, and much more!  Old Havana is one of the largest, oldest, and most authentic colonial areas in Latin America. (3.5 hours)
  • Lunch at private restaurant.
  • 2:30pm Electronic Ignition Shop Tour, see Havana’s best electronic ignition shops, these guys work on everything, from Russian Ladas to American Studebakers, from 1949 Stovebolt sixes to modern dual cam V8’s. Father and son owners will explain how their shop became a reality, followed by a Q&A session.  (2 hours)
  • 5:00pm Visit to “La Lavanderia,” the studio and workshop of Cuban painter and sculptor Rafael Perez Alonso. (2 hours)
  • Dinner at restaurant of your choice. (NOT INCLUDED IN TOUR PRICE)
  • 9:00pm Tropicana Cabaret, enjoy world-class entertainment at the Tropicana Cabaret.


  • Breakfast at B&B.
  • 9:00am “Havana Cigar and Rum experience, this is a walking tour that traverses Old Havana, with visits to the Rum Museum, and the Cigar Museum, and stops at a cigar factory and warehouse. The Rum Museum illustrates the history of the sugar industry in Cuba, and includes a replica of a colonial era rum distillery, and a presentation of the culture and tradition of Cuban rum production.  The Rum Museum displays contemporary Cuban painter’s works, so you just may see the early works of Cuba’s next Wilfredo Lam. The “Habano” Museum illustrates the history of tobacco cultivation, and cigar making on in Cuba.  Guests will have an opportunity to sample both fine Cuban rums and cigars during this event.    Depending on schedule you may see a demonstration by a master cigar roller. (3 hours)
  • Lunch at private restaurant.
  • 2:00pm Visit one of Havana’s top auto sheet metal repair shops, chapisteria as it’s known in Cuba, learn how American classics are repaired from chassis to dashboard, and discover why the cars you see on the road are not as original as they appear to be. (2 hours)
  • 4:30pm Mechanic Shop, visit a cooperative mechanic shop, these guys do whatever they can with whatever they can find to keep all types of cars running in Cuba. From bad fuel that wreaks havoc on modern engines, to cannibalizing parts from modern cars to keep American classics on the road, they do it all!  (2 hours)
  • 7:00pm Dinner at private restaurant, with staff and management on hand to answer questions about Cuba’s recently established cooperative businesses.
  • 9:15pm Cabaret show at the world-famous Tropicana Cabaret.


  • Breakfast at B&B.
  • 9:00am Suspension Shop Tour; Visit one of Havana’s suspension repair shops. This shop is not a touristy shop that is working on expensive classic restorations, this is the real deal.  Located near Lenin Park in Havana, this shop is typical of these kinds of shops and specializes in coil and leaf spring repairs.  See how seventy-year old suspensions are kept on the road, and how hybrid suspension combining Russian and American components keep American classics rolling throughout Cuba.  Meet and speak with the owner and workers of the shop. (2 hours)
  • Lunch at private restaurant in the outskirts of Havana.
  • 2:00pm Resolviendo Workshop, through this workshop we attempt to give our guests a peek into the life of a regular Cuban citizen. You will see an actual tarjeta de abastecimiento, which roughly translates to provisions card.  These are the small notebooks that every Cuban citizen is given at birth, and which entitles them to five chicken eggs, a quarter chicken, coffee, cooking oil, and other items every month.  The provision card also entitles its’ bearer to purchase select items that are deemed to be necessities at discounted prices.  You will visit what is known in Cuba as an agricultural market, agro, and is basically the produce section of a supermarket, where most people buy their fresh produce.  You will visit a bread distribution point, where bread is distributed through the provision card at discounted prices.  Depending on schedule and other factors you may also visit a grocery store, meat market, and other markets where meats are sold.  This workshop will show visitors some of the daily rituals most Cubans deal with, it will be presented by your guide, and sometimes we have invited guests who are experts in certain areas of the food distribution chain in Cuba.  The history of the provisions card will also be covered.  (4 hours)
  • Dinner at restaurant of your choice. (NOT INCLUDED IN TOUR PRICE)
  • 8:45pm Cannon Blast Ceremony, witness one of the oldest traditions of colonial era Cuba that still takes place, the nine o’clock cannon blast at the San Carlos de la Cabana Fortress. The cannon shot signaled the closing of the city walls during the colonial era.
  • 9:30pm Live music and dancing at La Casa de la Musica Miramar.

Day 5 “Hello Trinidad”              

  • Breakfast at B&B.
  • 9:00am Transfer to Trinidad, and walking tour of this well-preserved jewel of the Caribbean’s colonial era. Founded in 1514, Trinidad has Cuba’s most authentic colonial era quarter, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  You will enjoy a ride in a horse drawn carriage, and visits to the Church of the Holy Trinity, the San Francisco Bell Tower, and the town’s main plazas. Trinidad is over five-hundred years old.  Trinidad feels like a living museum.  UNESCO declared the town of Trinidad a World Heritage Site in 1988, and its wonderful people set it apart from any other destination in the Caribbean.  Many of its narrow streets are paved with the original bricks that are hundreds of years old.  Stops include the cities Cathedral, the Palacio Cantero, which houses the City Museum, with stops at the artisanal quarter, the Plaza Mayor, and more. A special experience to a unique town that visitors to Cuba should not miss! (7 hours)
  • Lunch at restaurant of guest’s choice. (NOT INCLUDED IN TOUR PRICE)
  • 4:30pm Transfer to Cienfuegos
  • Arrive to Cienfuegos & settle into B&B.
  • Dinner at restaurant of guest’s choice. (NOT INCLUDED IN TOUR PRICE)


  • Breakfast at B&B.
  • 9:00am City Tour of Cienfuegos, with stops at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Conception, the “Paseo del Prado,” the Provincial Museum, the Terry Theatre, the “Palacio del Valle,” and more. (3 hours)
  • Lunch at restaurant of your choice. (NOT INCLUDED IN TOUR PRICE)
  • 1:00pm Bay of Pigs Experience, this includes a short discussion of the events leading up to the invasion of the Bay of Pigs in April 1961, and a visit to the invasion museum. This event will allow guests to visit the area where the Bay of Pigs invasion occurred in 1961, and the surrounding area.  A visit to the invasion museum is also included, and depending upon the schedule a short presentation by an actual witness to or combatant in the event will be given. A must for any American visiting the island!  (3 hours)
  • Arrive & settle into B&B in Playa Larga.
  • Dinner at restaurant of guest’s choice. (NOT INCLUDED IN PACKAGE PRICE)


  • Breakfast at B&B.
  • Transfer to Havana.
  • Lunch at restaurant of guest’s choice. (NOT INCLUDED IN TOUR PRICE)
  • 2:00pm Hemingway encounter, visit Ernest Hemingway’s former home in Havana, la Finca Vijia, which is now a museum. This is a must for any Hemingway fan, and covers some of the most productive and interesting years of the famous writer’s life.  (2 hours)
  • Transfer to B&B.
  • 4:30pm Classic car encounter with Havana Customs members, and the owners of some of Havana’s most pristine classic American cars. (3 hours)
  • Dinner at restaurant of guest’s choice. (NOT INCLUDED IN TOUR PRICE)
  • Live music at la Zorra y el Cuervo or el Diablo Tun Tun.

Day 8 “Goodbye, Cuba”

  • Breakfast at B&B.
  • FREE TIME! Car & driver at your disposition.
  • Transfer to Jose Marti International Airport for return flight to U.S.

    Price includes Cuban entry visa, all listed activities and services, with transportation and English-speaking guide.  Tour price includes 7 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 2 dinners.
    Price does NOT include roundtrip air fare.
    You will be staying at a Bed & Breakfast, and will be accompanied by a driver and guide during your stay, or when possible an English-speaking driver/guide.  Transportation will be provided by late model, air conditioned cars, or classic American cars with air conditioning, for groups, transportation will be in late model Peugeot, Citroen, or Ford E250s vans.
    Your price per person with Bed&Breakfast
  • Infants (child in arms) $350 each, one per two adults.
  • One child aged 2-10 accompanying two adults pays $1,500

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